I am an attorney who has experience working with independent labels for more than ten years.  I have worked with legendary and Indie artists.  I am knowledgeable of the economics of music and the DIY process.

I have had experience finding music, negotiating the purchase of music,  registering music with the PRO’s, producing music videos, and soliciting radio play. I have also developed marketing and promotion strategies that include social media, merchandising, and PR.  I have also been on the road and in the recording studio and can speak to the challenges of all of these settings.

As an attorney I have experience writing and reviewing music contracts for both Indie artists and major labels.  I have also written a handbook titled “For the Record” and a guide on NRT’s.  I have an on-line course which teaches independents who are working in the music business the basics from beginning a career to putting out music.  I also own and operate a small indie label called “E Music Entertainment for indie artists and taught Copyright Law at Drexel University.

I look forward to taking this amazing journey together.


Knowledge is Power! 

I am personally inviting you to check out my  blog and follow me on YouTube and IG  @Emusicent. 

I will be providing the building blocks and information to help you produce, promote, and market your artistry.  

So please join me today and begin the journey of building a successful business around your passion!

I look forward to working with you!!!

E Music Entertainment is an independent company based in New York.  E Music Entertainments core mission is to empower, educate and develop talent; where music, heart, and artistry are where it all begins.  E Music Entertainment has 3 division:  Education, Music Distribution and a Record Label.  You can also visit us at www.emusicentertainment.com