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Do you have the qualities labels look for to sign an artist?

#artistsigning #labeldeal #majorlabel #recordcompany Jan 02, 2020

Today, great music talent is abundant, so what will make you stand out to a record label?  It is more than musical skills when it comes to getting signed for a record deal. 

Here are some of the things that Labels will look for and find out about you when they are considering signing you to a record deal:

What is the quality of your recorded music?

It all begins with great music.  In order to be treated like a professional you have to demonstrate you are a professional.  Begin by investing the time to learn how to create technically sound recordings that sound like todays hits.  Then make it the highest quality recording possible.  

What is your work ethic like?

Being successful in the music industry takes consistent effort and hard work to achieve a level of success in this business. In fact, it requires self motivation, passion, dedication and belief in yourself.  

Labels want "proof" that you have the fire in your belly.  The motivation that gets you up early in the morning before everyone else and also has you as the last person going to sleep because you are busy pursuing your dream.  Its great to have a team, but the artist has to motivate the team by their work ethic and vision.  When labels see that you are actively trying to ‘make things happen’ for yourself, it will positively influence their perception of you.

Do you have good musical skills?

Do you have talent?  Are you continuing to grow as an artist musically?  It is important to strive and have a desire to always improve your musical skills.  Labels look for someone who is working on their musical abilities and trying to bring them to the highest level possible while also working on building the other pieces of their music career.

Are you personable?

Someone who's personable can be outgoing, charming, nice, bubbly, amiable, pleasing, or generous, but they don't have to be all of those things — it just all needs to add up to being friendly and pleasant.  Someone that makes people feel comfortable and welcome when they are around.  If you are a likeable artist, people will want to be around you from the get-go. You understand the importance of being genuine and willing to connect.   Are you someone that is friendly and super-likable that everyone feels comfortable around and wants to get to know better?

Do you have good performing skills?

Merely being able to sing or rap is only part of the package when it comes to being a great artist and putting on a good show for your fans. Labels look to sign artists who are able to truly ‘inspire’ their fans through their onstage performance and get them to tell their friends about their experience. The more superfans you have at your live show, the better your chances of getting signed.  

How big is your fan base/database?

You will immediately turn heads in the music industry by having a large following of loyal fans who you interact with on a frequent basis. This means not only having a list of followers on social media websites, but also building up a list of names, emails and other important information about your fans so you can directly communicate with them through your artist website whenever you want.



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