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Independent artists take heed there are 40,000 songs being uploaded into Spotify daily.  So what does that have to do with Branding you ask?  Branding is vital for recording artists, so that they can stand out in a very competitive music industry.

Branding is not marketing

Branding is a reflection of the artists' vision of themselves, expressed thru their personality, beliefs, attitude and tells the story of who they are; which is incorporated into their overall image in the public.  This can be expressed by their attire, their live performances, what they say on social media and in the press, their merchandise which is used to tell the story of who they are as an Artist.  Branding's goal is to create a unique and differentiated presence in the industry to attract fans who will remain loyal.  Branding moves a fan beyond the music and into a story that they can relate and connect with.

Branding is emotional

Branding is an extremely powerful emotional trigger.  People attach to the identify you create thru your message that expresses your values and separates you from the competition.  This makes you memorable and connects your audience with you emotionally to help create fan loyalty.  Fans that relate to your brand can be super fans.  They will be the group of people that always show out for you because they are emotionally attached to you thru your message. As a result,  branding needs to be authentic and consistent throughout everything you do professionally.  Remember that you must remain true to yourself knowing that your brand may elicit either positive or negative reactions in the public.   However, as you grow and change so will your brand evolve in order for you to remain true and genuine. 

Your brand right now

If you have been making music and promoting your artistry you have already developed a brand whether or not you realize it.  Your brand is how people identify you in this space.  So go to any Artists social media and scroll thru it, read some of their posts, look at their pictures and read their bio.  What is your reaction to their social media.  How would you define them?  Do they look professional, do you have a clear concept about what they represent?  Social media presents a visual picture of a person.  Remember when you are driving traffic to your feed they are not necessarily hearing or relating to your music but instead making judgement about who you are as an artist based on your what you post.    

 Defining your brand

1.  Choose what makes you the happiest?   Think about your own image and how you want the world to see and describe your artistry.  Write it down.  Then go ask your friends what they see or think when they go to your social media or performances.  How do they experience the message are you conveying?   If the feedback you get from your friends is not what you want them to see or hear then it is time to make some changes.  The goal is for the world to see you the way you would like to be seen.  

2.  Now it is time to bring that vision to life.  That may mean different things to different people depending upon the feedback they received.  However, it is important to show up and show out your brand in the best way possible. You have to invest in your artistry to be professional.   This means your music should be mixed and mastered.  Photos should be professional and thought should go into what you are posting on your feed.  Creating a brand takes into account all of these things including logos, colors and even down to the font that is used on your website. 

Market your brand

Now that you have defined your brand it is time to market it.  Marketing is the business of promoting and selling your brand to the music industry.  That includes your music, visuals, performances and all of these elements should be in alignment with how you want the world to see and hear you.  It all begins with defining who you are as an artist and then being consistent.  Remember the race does not go to the swiftest but the one with the most perseverance.   

Finally, branding is vital in today's music industry to differentiate you among the many. So take time and invest in defining yourself.  Remember branding has its rewards, if done right, and also has the power to propel you beyond your music to a larger platform from which you can create other opportunities.   


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