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What is a cease and desist letter?

#ceaseanddesist #copyrights #fortherecord #musicattorney #musicbusiness Mar 30, 2024

While music copyrights may not be sexy would you be more interested if you knew that lead to revenue streams? Indie artists, labels and managers tune in to find out more @EMusicEntertainment

When someone uses your music without your permission you have a right to either stop them or collect money for use of your intellectual property. A cease and desist letter is one of the steps you take to put someone on notice of the improper use of your music.

If you are an Indie Artist, Label or Manager there are some very important and specific reasons why you need to have a basic understanding of copyrights. If you want to generate recurring revenue a copyrights are the intellectual property rights that get you paid. I'll give you my thoughts on all of this based on my experience in this video. And if you want to learn more check out my tutorials @







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