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Fresh out of Brooklyn, Tanisha Avent RnB singer songwriter

#brooklyn #emusicentertainment #nyc #rnbsingersongwriter #tanishaaventmusic #whitneyhouston Jul 17, 2020

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am from Brooklyn, New York. East New York isn’t the best neighborhood so living here has definitely shaped me in a creative sense, it has impacted my writing, and my artistry overall I guess you could say . I’m sweet but just a lil rough around the edges.  Maybe a cross between Beyonce and Mary J Blige.
To all of my supporters. believe me I know times are tough these days. I know I’m not the only one sometimes feels like it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel  right now.  My advice is we have to stay strong, stay aware, stay educated, stay healthy, and Definitively need to stay loving ourselves through this life time.. Love Yourself.

What first got you into music?

What got me into music was when I realized that I had a good voice and started writing songs about anything.
Who inspired you to make music?
I will always say Whitney Houston because She always lifted my spirits With the beautiful songs that she sang, And I always said to myself “I wanna be just like her”
How would you describe the music that you typically create?
Most of the time the music I find myself writing is uplifting.  I have been told by many people, from different walks of life that they find it inspiring and that is my goal to make music that helps everyone and they can relate too.  However, everyone once in-a-while I also want to write songs that are a little raunchier...... lol.  I don’t like to put myself in a box when it comes to music and writing because I love music and want to explore all possibilities musically.
What is your creative process like?
Most times I write about how I’m feeling inside.  Other times I create from listening to other peoples experiences in life, and sometimes I just have fun with it.
What is the story behind your song Take You Higher? 
This song is about telling my part-time lover that I can love him better than his other girl can.  Take a listen @Spotify:
Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Anderson Paak,  he’s extremely dope, he has this funk sound that reminds me of James Brown!!! If we collaborated I know it would sound crazy good!
What is one message you would give to your fans?
I don't like calling them fans, I say supporters. The message that I would give to my supporters is that if you ride for me I'm go ride for you period!
What do you hope to accomplish this year?  
That one or more of my songs would POP, allowing more doors to open so that I can create more, perform more and become a mainstream artist!
Do you sing in the shower? What songs?
Of course I sing in the shower the acoustics are the best in there. I like to sing “A Song For You” by Donny Hathaway “That Girl” by Stevie Wonder, “Super Star” By Luther Vandross, “Carry On” by Bobby Caldwell, “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy and Monica the list goes on... My hand usually look like Prunes by the time I get out of the shower LOL.
How do you feel about social media?
I have a love-hate thing for social media.  What I love about social media is that you have a platform that you can use to show your talent but on the other hand it’s just social media through social media people could never know the real you.
What is your favorite song to perform?
My favorite song to perform is a song I wrote called "Victory" it’s very positive and it makes people feel uplifted. I love making people feel like they can achieve anything through my music.
If you could take anyone in the world dead or alive on a date, who would it be? 
It would definitely be Tupac I feel like he left way too soon and he had so much to offer.
What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
I don’t think we Want to get into that just yet...LOL
What is the best advice you’ve been given?
The best advice I’ve been given was the squeaky wheel gets the oil first!
If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
If I could change anything about the industry it will be too give actual talent a chance instead of looking at numbers.
What’s next for you?
I have written and recorded a group of songs that  will be coming out within this year. I have two songs that will be dropping in July one is called “Take You Higher” which I mentioned previously.  The other is called “Lift Off” which is uplifting and another inspiring song.
How can people find you?
I can be found everywhere on the internet at:

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