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Split Sheets – Start getting paid now!

#emusicentertainment #getpaid #makemoney #musicregistration #publishing #splitsheet Mar 28, 2020

Split sheets are you filling them out?

Who did you create the song with? Did you and a producer write it alone, did you collaborate with other artists, did you make the beat, buy the beat on-line?  These details matter when it comes to making the money.


Know the Deal:

In order to be paid in the music business you must register your songs.  Performing rights organizations (PRO’s), labels, publishers and people who may sync your music will not Pay Out if there are concerns about who the creators of the song are and who the money should be paid too.

Most Artists only rely on their talent which leaves them broke, and it does not have to be that way.  You want a career in music, you want to get paid, then there is no excuse for not knowing the basics of how you get paid.  If you don’t even understand the basics how would you know if someone on your team is “beating” you?

What is a Split sheet?

A split sheet is an agreement that identifies who wrote what percentage of the song such as the producer(s) and songwriter(s). Each creator has to agree about how the percentages are defined.  Some artists will divide it evenly based on who is in the room writing and producing the song.  Some will base the percentages on the person’s specific contribution lyrics, hook, melody, and beats. It is beneficial to understand the Artists position on splits so that there is no disagreement after the song is completed.

While most Artists want to “vibe” when it comes time to pay the bills the bill collector doesn’t care about “vibes”.  Publishing pays!!!!  When the time comes and the song is picked up by a label, or synced for a movie believe me everyone will be fighting over what percentage of the songwriting they own because that will determine how much money they will receive. 

When do I need to think about this?

I have worked with a lot of clients who had done songs with “A” listers and never received one penny. Prior to going to the studio, when you are planning the date have a discussion about the split sheet.  When you treat your music like a business, people respect that and understand that this protects everyone.  When this discussion occurs prior to getting into the studio it allows everyone to still “Vibe” and be creative. 

What information should be on the split sheet:

Split sheets should have the following information:

  • Name of the song
  • Legal name of everyone involved who contributed to the song
  • Their role in the song (producer, songwriter)
  • Percentage share of their contribution
  • Their performing rights affiliate – AS BOTH A SONGWRITER AND PUBLISHER
  • If they are not their own publisher than the publishing company that represents them
  • Address or email in order to be able to contact them.
  • Signature of each creator


When the song is finished the creators should sit down and fill out the split sheet together.  Once it is signed by everyone they all SHOULD receive a copy.  Then it is time to Register the song so everyone can GET PAID.   It is important, as a creator, to understand the VALUE of your work.  If you want to secure the “bag” it is vital to be proactive, treat your music like a business not a hobby and use split sheets to secure your financial stability.


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